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Carrie Olson's body found in Minnesota: Missing Iowa woman dead at 29

Update: Police in Davenport say the body of Carrie Olson was discovered. The lifeless remains of the Iowa woman, who went missing Dec. 28 of last year, were found in Hastings, Minn. over the weekend and appeared to have been there for only days. While the discovery of Olson's body offers loved ones a degree of closure, a cause of death is pending and police have not ruled out foul play at this point, according to an April 10 MyFoxPhilly news report.

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

A spokesperson for the Dakota County sheriff's office said the 29-year-old woman's corpse was found just off the roadway in Hastings in an empty lot. The area, as Chief Deputy Tim Leslie describes it is "pretty remote." For instance, the wooded area where the remains were found does not allow ATVs, has a gravel road that is used to access it, and only has three residences.

Carrie Olson was last seen pumping gas in Rock Island, Illinois on Dec. 28 and days later, sources say her boyfriend was seen driving her vehicle. Family members say Olson's purse was still inside the car, but missing were her cell phone and wallet.

NewsMax wrote that the unnamed boyfriend has a "connection" to the Hastings area. Allegedly, he has a female acquaintance, who reported that he was in the area around New Year's 2014, roughly around the same time Carrie Olson went missing. From there, he boarded a plane at the local airport and traveled to Las Vegas.

At this time, the unnamed boyfriend is not named as a suspect or person of interest. However, Davenport investigators have spoken to him about the missing Iowa woman. What is not clear is the manner in which Olson died.

We've got to determine if there was a murder, if she overdosed, accidental death. Those are the things we are trying to figure out right now," Chief Leslie said.

Funeral services for Carrie Olson have not been released, but judging from the outpouring of support and the high profile coverage the case has garnered, a public memorial in the wake of her death is likely.

This story is developing.

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