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Carrie Olson: Missing woman from Iowa found dead after 3 months

Carrie Olson was found dead after she went missing three months ago. On April 9, My Fox Philly reported that Olson, 29, was found dead in Minnesota over the weekend. Her body was found in the woods near Hastings and police say it appeared to have been there for less than 36 hours.

"Olson's body was located in an area that is only accessible by a gravel road, 175th Street, in a wooded area on private property in Hastings. There are only three houses in the area, and investigators confirm the body was found just 15 yards from the road," reports My Fox Philly.

Carrie Olson's death is still a mystery and police say that their investigation will continue until they learn what happened to the young woman. At this point nothing is being ruled out. Olson might have overdosed or she could have been murdered. The location of her body, however, does suggest that she was "dumped" there -- but police won't confirm whether or not they are searching for a suspect.

There is one man that could be further investigated -- he was last seen in the car with Olson before she disappeared. Investigators are working closely with Olson's family to solve this mystery.

Information on Carrie Olson should be given to the Dakota County sheriff's office at 651-438-4727.

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