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Carrie Olson: Death investigation in Carrie Olson case shifts

Carrie Olson's body found in Minnesota.
Carrie Olson's body found in Minnesota.
Commons Wikimedia

According to new reports, the Carrie Olson investigation is "shifting." The 29-year-old who went missing from a gas station in Rock Island, Iowa last December was found in Dakota County, Minn., reports April 9. Now investigators are trying to piece together how the young woman's body got there and when it was put there.

Last Saturday at about 5:30 p.m., a land owner discovered Olson's body about six miles south of of Hastings. Chief Deputy of Dakota County Sheriff's Office, Tim Leslie, said the property owner was installing a trail camera to monitor wildlife in the area, when found Carrie Olson. “It’s an area of about five- to six-acre home sites," Leslie said.

Quad City Times reports that Olson's family and police learned of her death through the media first, and not the medical examiner. Once the Hennepin County Medical Examiner positively identified Olson, he notified the press Tuesday night.

Some of the evidence surrounding the woman's death is inside her car, which is in police custody. So far no details have been released about the evidence. No suspects or persons of interest are in the Carrie Olson case yet, but authorities said the "cause and manner of death is under investigation."

Shaun and Danielle Anselment own the property where Olson's body was found. Shaun found the body and Danielle said "it wasn't what my husband expected to find." The couple purchased the land about two years ago. It was their dream land, but Danielle added that, "Now that we know who she is, and we can put a face with it, it's difficult for us."

Davenport Police Department is leading the investigation into this mysterious case. Olson's missing case was widely reported on when she disappeared in December 2013. Her story went viral and volunteers were out aggressively searching for her with police and K-9 units.

Will there be suspects named soon in the Carrie Olson case?

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