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'Carrie': mother issues, prom, pig's blood, people die; got it!

The horror genre has been my favorite since I was a little kid. Weird? Absolutely! But, the films of horror and Disney princesses have my heart equally. My favorite kind of horror film is one concerning families and their drama. What people may not realize is that most, if not all, Disney princess movies have parental issues. That being said, I had high hopes that Carrie would do well in theaters because its story is one of my favorites, with its family dynamics being completely insane. Love a good mother daughter dysfunctional piece. When you add supernatural powers to it, sign me up!

Carrie (2013) - or - Kick-Ass prom - The Film Reel

In terms of the mother daughter dysfunctional status of Carrie, it was great. Julianne Moore had some good acting moments, especially during the scene where she compared her daughter to cancer. Although, I will say, all in all her character was a bit one-dimensional. I guess I wanted a livelier version of Mrs. White like the one portrayed by Piper Laurie in the 1976 version.

In terms of the portrayal of Carrie’s supernatural powers, I was not a fan. Maybe it’s the fact that I have been ruined by Marvel and my expectations have been raised for flawless CGI and special effects. The film worked when Chloe Grace Moretz was not channeling Magneto and making the weirdest faces and hand gestures when moving things with her mind. I liked the idea of the original and Sissy Spacek using her eyes, and only her eyes, when moving items and hurting people. It made the film a lot more suspenseful and scarier. In terms of effects in the prom scene, from the point of the drop of the pig’s blood to the blowing up of the gas station, it was a complete disaster. The instant replay tool made the film seem cartoonish and took me out of the story. The slow motion effect made me remember I was watching a film. I appreciate a movie that can make me forget I’m actually watching a movie and immerse me fully in its story line. Carrie did not do that for me.

The film overall was like a roller coaster. It was going great, steady pace, had the viewer engulfed in the story, then it dipped out of no where, when Carrie first learned she could move all her books and bed in her room. Then the film would pick up and the viewer started to really like this girl and feels really bad for her. The film even goes so far as to think the real villain of the story is student Chris Hargensen. You can actually see Chris' character start to snap from the moment the gym teacher expels her from prom. That’s great acting and directing.

There are those who would say they like this 2013 version better than the original or even the 2002 made for TV version. I for one will say the original is best. It’s a shame that we are always comparing the original to the remake. Some would say it’s not fair because it’s a “reimagining” of the original. I say why not just imagine a whole new story.

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