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Carrie Gravenson: New York comedian with a fresh routine

Comedian Carrie Gravenson facial expressions up on Broadway stage at Carolines.
Comedian Carrie Gravenson facial expressions up on Broadway stage at Carolines.
Photo by: Julio Ibarra

New York ( – Comedian Carrie Gravenson was a sensation on her first Broadway debut, Tuesday night at the comedy club Carolines. This little unknown drew-in an elbow rib poking packed room. When she jumped-up-on stage, her opening skit was surprisingly not that of your typical angry comedian who has grown up hating the world, and is spewing out truck loads of anger. It was quite the opposite, coming from this petite comedian only measuring what seemed to be 5 foot 6 inches, as she paced back and forth on stage. Her arms, hand gesturing, and her facial expressions, she is an artist that lures you into her story, even if the subject is about testicles.

Comedian Carrie Gravenson on Carolines' Broadway stage.
Photo by: Julio Ibarra

Being a stand-up comedian is a tough job especially in New York. However her lines were well delivered with an exciting punch, that I was certain that there were bruised ribs somewhere in the room, with-an occasional, “ouch”, followed by a quick gasp to roaring laughter within seconds. The hysterics filled the air when she spoke of her dating experiences. A close friend of Gravenson, Amy Sauer, I overheard her comment, “That was true, I remember that, I was there!”

After the performance I was able to track her down to ask a few quick questions.

JI: What made you decide to be a comedian?

CG: I have a long answer to that, but it because boils down to this: I like making people laugh. It is as simple-as-that.

JI: Where was the first place you did a comedy routine?

CG: It was a club in the village that has since closed. I'm blanking on the name of it. But it was an open-mic there.

JI: How old were you when you discovered this hidden talent?

CG: Very young -- maybe grade school? I think my earliest friends would describe me as funny. I was the class clown and doing-anything-for-a-laugh kind of kid.

JI: Who were your very first audience, parents and friends, maybe?

CG: Oh yes, parents and friends. I'm extremely blessed to have incredibly supportive parents. Other comedians describe how being a comedian disappoints their parents and that sounds awful. Mine are cheering me on at every step.

If you are in or around town and would like to catch Carrie Gravenson next scheduled performance will be held in, starting at 9:30 p.m. admission is free on July 7, at “Ed Sullivan on Acid Freddy’s” in Brooklyn.

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