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Carribean Style Sandwiches, Burgers, Tacos and More at Jimmy Hulas

Food Nirvana
Food Nirvana
Chris Tice

Garage style doorways lined with plexi-glass provide ample lighting for a tropical interior of sharks, tikis and bucket seats. Jimmy Hulas, the newest addition to the Hunter’s Creek restaurant atmosphere, is a small jaunt north from Kissimmee on John Young parkway just above the Loop on Osceola. Their ‘Food Nirvana’ will not only satisfy your hunger with good food but also soak your pallet with cheap beer.

Jimmy’s interesting take on burgers and sandwiches is only dwarfed by his creativity with tacos. Bean, chicken, pork, fish, and steak, all same old same old really, but throw in portabellas, zucchini, French fries and pickles and you get something that sounds ridiculous, but combined with their crazy sauces, Lava, Habanero Boss, Baja and Voodoo, the resulting product tastes amazing.

The selection of rice bowls and signature burgers is impressive and you can even build up a burger creation yourself with some crazy toppings; fried egg, onion rings, potato chips, and many more then finish your combo with mojo, cajun, sweet potato and zucchini fries. More thirsty than hungry? Well Jimmy’s has beer too.

Five beer bucket for ten bucks will set you and your friends up right and there’s plenty of friendly staff to help you get what you need. Shakatizers and greens are always available for that snacky feeling, and they also serve desert if that’s your thing. Prices are reasonable with decent sized street tacos starting at $2.99 and specialty burgers at $6.99. Everything is a la cart so you may spend a little over ten bucks per person but that is about average for the area. So come on over and help the Hunter's Creek staff celebrate their most recent addition to the already popular Florida family of restaurants. Your taste buds will thank you.