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Caroline's Loft - The New Black Box Theater Puts on a great show for Spring 2014

The brand new campus on the grounds of CSULA has officially made it through the 2013 - 2014 year of art students and plans to graduate the class of 2014 utilizing their new buildings, theaters and architecturally exquisite campus. This offering from the dance department is aptly named: GRATITUDE.

These talented dancers are performing in the new black box theater at LACHSA - Caroline's LOFT.
Susan Sheridan Photography
Performance at LACHSA Spring 2014
Photo by: Susan Sheridan Photography

Before the show began, a pre-curtain exhibition titled - THE CROSSING, with choreography by Alexa Kershner, was performed by the class of 2015. The parents were included in the first "environmental" art offering from the dance department. The audience was a part of free form environmental choreography. The student performers utilized the new exterior quad area and adjacent public areas of the campus as a theater in the round of sorts. The new campus has become the setting for so many different forms and mediums of artistic expression by the selected few students who are accepted into this elite student body. The parents were then escorted into the new black box theater, Caroline's LOFT to see the students in their Spring offering from the dance department headed brilliantly by Gina Buntz and the other skilled faculty at LACHSA.

As the lights dim, we all got to see the students perform in the new theater venue for the finest arts high school in Los Angeles; The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The show is a mixture of dance styles and musical offerings from ballet and modern classics to the most exciting new movements of hip hop and modern technique. The many talented teachers created a fast-paced show that included classes and styles of dance through the eras of time.

I have included the slide show with photos from a brilliant professional photographer; Susan Sheridan who skillfully captured so many amazing images from the show. My most sincere thanks to all the people that made this wonderful show possible.

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