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Caroline's Carts for special needs children in several grocery stores now

Recent news that Kroger in Ohio and Kentucky would be adding several Caroline's Carts to some of their stores served as a reminder that many do have family members not able to sit in a typical shopping cart and also unable to use an electric cart provided at most stores.

Children with special needs or physical limitations do not always fit in carts provided by grocery stores.

Kroger is not alone and was not first to have Caroline's Carts in stores. Martin's Super Markets,Wegman's and Festival Foods also have carts that were designed to meet the needs of Caroline Long.

When Caroline's parents saw that their daughter, who has physical limitations, needed a better cart, Caroline's mother, Drew Ann Long, founded Parent Solution Group, LLC. Details below are from that Facebook page:

Drew Ann Long saw the need for Caroline’s Cart after realizing her daughter would outgrow a typical shopping cart. After years of frustration, she founded Parent Solution Group, LLC, designed the cart, applied for a patent, and enlisted the services of legal and business professionals to help her bring the cart to market.

Readers may want to view the video provided by Caroline's Cart to see what the cart looks like and learn how this will help shoppers with children who are limited in some manner. Some children will now be able to enjoy shopping with family members as they will have a cart that is the size it needs to be for them to be comfortable.

What parent with a special needs child would not want one of Caroline's Carts to help them include their child in a shopping adventure?

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