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Carolina Thread Trail: Walk, bike, hike run and paddle

According to Bruce Henderson “After years of planning, the Carolina Thread Trail has moved to a new moved to a new phase. The 15-country trails network is finally under construction. Once completed, Charlotte residents and paddlers will have a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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15 Counties and more then 2.3 million people

“The Thread has a new director and a five-year plan to put trails on the ground in each county, develop its 140-mile ‘spine’ and create its first paddling route.”

Karl Froelich became director in October 2013, after succeeding Ann Browning.

Mr. Froelich spent years exploring greenways during his travels in the United States and Europe. He believes that connect people in ways the digital world cannot.

“When I get on trails, I feel better. The world just seems like a better place.”

When completed, “The Thread will consist of 1,400 miles of greenways and protected corridors that connect each county and places of interest.”

For area paddlers there will be a 50-mile canoe and kayak “blueway” along the Rocky River east of Charlotte.

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