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Carolina Raptor Center big winner in Homebrew Competition

Cast your ballot!
Cast your ballot!

In August, the Carolina Raptor center held a people’s choice homebrew competition during one their Thursday Night Flight events. The Raptor trail was open, the music was playing, Master Bacon was cooking, and everyone had a great time!

Local Charlotte area homebrewer, Joe Domm of the Carolina BrewMasters, was the people’s choice winner for his Golden Eagle Belgian Ale, but the real winner of this event was the Carolina Raptor Center. The event raised about a thousand dollars and will continue to raise money after D9 releases the Golden Eagle in their tap room on Wednesday November 12th at 6pm. Event organizers would like to thank all the brewers who donated beer to the event, all of the patrons who attended, and Alternative Beverage in Belmont for the use of their bar.

About the Carolina Raptor Center: Approximately 1000 injured or orphaned raptors are brought to Carolina Raptor Center's Jim Arthur Raptor Medical Center each year. Credit for this large number belongs to people in our community who care enough to take action when they see an injured bird.

About the Carolina BrewMasters: The Carolina BrewMasters is a non-profit club whose members enjoy making, tasting, and sharing beer, mead, and cider. Their 200-plus members live in or around the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area and range in experience level from beginner to expert at making great home brews.

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