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Carolina Hurricanes fire Kirk Muller

Kirk Muller has been fired by the Carolina Hurricanes
Kirk Muller has been fired by the Carolina Hurricanes
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

If you weren't an NHL team that made the playoffs, apparently that means you are an NHL team firing your head coach. We've already had quite a few get the boot, and now Kirk Muller has joined them, having been fired by the Carolina Hurricanes.

Muller was fired by new Hurricanes GM Ron Francis, because apparently the other major NHL trend is hiring franchise legends to run your team, which can only end well. Muller and most of his staff were fired, but Rod Brind'amour, another Hurricanes legend, got retained. This is not a good start to a new regime in Carolina. I mean, maybe it turns out well, but they do know they need to build a team for the future, and not just retain names from the past, right?

Muller was the coach for three seasons, wherein the team went 80-80-27, and they did not make the playoffs once, and have not made the playoffs since 2009, the longest playoff drought in the Eastern Conference. They weren't exactly close to making it, either. Goaltending and injuries have been a problem, but you also can't say that Muller has really given this team any boost. It makes sense to let him go. The key now is for Francis to hire somebody good to be the new head coach. Maybe this time the team will go with a name not hanging in the rafters for the Hurricanes? Although, Glen Wesley is available...