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Carolina Herrera and daughter Patricia Lansing grace cover of Gotham magazine

Right in time for the first day of Spring, Gotham magazine gave us a sneak preview of their new Spring Fashion issue. Fashion mogul Carolina Herrera and daughter Patricia Lansing grace the cover of the current edition of Gotham magazine. The dynamic duo discuss how they work together, the importance of social media and why you won't see Carolina taking a “selfie” anytime soon. Carolina also shared a few “Herrera-isms” for a stylish life.

Carolina Herrera and Patricia Lansing Cover Gotham Magazine

Carolina spoke about the importance of social media for her brand. Being online is a way to stay in touch with her clients around the world and let them participate in what she does. Despite her dedication to social media, Carolina does not plan to take a “selfie” anytime soon. She commented, “I would never!” She feels it is important to let followers into her world but not totally. Carolina added, “The mystery has to be there.”

With regard to designing clothing, Carolina said, “Fashion has to be very connected to newness, you need to produce something she doesn't have, is unique, and she wants – that's luxury.” While Carolina represents uptown sophistication, her daughter is more downtown chic. Despite their differences, there is meeting of the minds.

According to Patricia, “It's funny, I'll look at a dress and say, 'It's good, but I'm just not sure about the sleeve or the color. And then my mom will come by later, look at the same dress and go, 'Hmm, I don't know about that sleeve,' even though we have not spoken."

The Carolina Herrera brand is a family business. While Patricia serves as creative consultant, her sister Carolina Herrera de Baez is the creative fragrance director. Carolina Herrera indicated it was fun to work with her children as they see things with different eyes. She felt, “In fashion, you have to have a mix of people around you whom you trust and bring you new ideas.”

Patricia said they can be 100 percent honest without sugarcoating anything. Carolina said it was because her children thought they could not get fired. However, Patricia quipped that they did think they could get fired. This is the type of banter that is sure to fuel the creativity seen in the Carolina Herrera brand.

Carolina also talked about living a stylish life. She stated fashion is what she gives you but style is what you do with it. She advised women to have a full-length mirror to always see what is missing and what is not needed.

The famous fashionista commented following fashion too strictly makes you a fashion victim. It is better to take little hints from what is going on. For example, if you don't have the legs or age to wear a miniskirt, but it is fashionable, don't wear it. It makes better sense to wear what suits you.

She stated, “Fashion is for your eye; it's to please you.” Carolina tells women to “be yourself with clothes, and you know perfectly well what goes with your personality.” Fashion is about proportion, the proper fit and having a good tailor.

After a long day, Carolina revealed work comes off the table. Despite the fact Patricia and Carolina spend the whole day together at the office, they come home and chat about subjects that have nothing to do with work. Carolina advised, “It is important to have another life, and let your imagination fly.” To learn more about Carolina's imaginative endeavors, pick up the Spring Issue of Gotham magazine, available on newsstands right now.

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