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Carolina Duo Delivers “Dynamite” Sounds on New Record

Phillips (L) and Martin (R) of IAmDynamite
Phillips (L) and Martin (R) of IAmDynamite
Becky West

It’s not very often you come across a two man band that has the sound of a 5 piece (or bigger) band, but when you listen to North Carolina based duo, IAMDYNAMITE, that’s exactly what you get. Austin Music Examiner sat down with the IAMDYNAMITE duo, Chris Martin and Chris Phillips during their sessions with producer Matt Noveskey at Pedernales Studios. With a perfect view of the famous Texas Hill Country sunset in the background Martin, Phillips, and AME each took a seat in the studio lounge and began discussing the band and their new, upcoming album. “Chris and I grew up in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Detroit. We didn’t really know each other that well, and he didn’t move to the same school until about halfway through. Some friends and I wanted to start a band, and with it being a really small town there were only three drummers, and Chris was the only real drummer with a kit and a place where we could rehearse. Our first show was at our town’s fair for, like, our parents, aunts, and uncles” Martin says of the band’s beginnings. Eventually Martin and Phillips broke away and became Mahoney, but are now known as IAMDYNAMITE. The new name is a perfect description of the sound this duo creates with seemingly effortless ease. “Our sound is loud and fun. We try to keep it energetic and as powerful as we can. It’s not that we are AC/DC or something, but we still want the music to be very impactful. We keep it simple, not because people can’t enjoy things that are complicated, but simple is more impactful” the two explain. IAMDYNAMITE had been in the studio for a little over a week working on a new record to drop in the spring. “(This record) is closer to how we sound live than anything we’ve done before. It’s very natural, very real, and that was very important to us. We wanted to not use a lot of computer effects and stuff like that, so everything we’re recording is done outside of a computer. We feel like this process is going well so far. It’s been real fun and not disappointing in any way” Phillips says of the new record. Austin Music examiner will be working with IAMDYNAMITE and its management team to bring you updates on the new, upcoming record and more coverage of this exceptional dynamic duo. You can also get direct updates from the band on their facebook, MySpace, twitter, and connect to IAmDynamite’s Ustream channel for live video updates and chat’s with IAMDYNAMITE.


  • Keiv 4 years ago

    I love this band and can't wait for the album!

  • thejerm 4 years ago

    "Closer to how we sound live than anything before" I'm sooooo stoked to hear this. This is how you guys were ment to sound!

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