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Carolina BrewMasters team up with NoDa Brewing to support local charity

The end of the day!
The end of the day!
Tom Henderson Photography

The Carolina BrewMasters and NoDa Brewing Company both have a long standing tradition of supporting their local community. This past March the two teamed up to do something they both love while raising money and collecting canned food donations for the Second Harvest FoodBank. The event is simply called a “Group Brew”, but in one day it was able to raise $1,000 and 100 pounds of food.

For the last couple of years, CBM has arranged with Noda Brewing for a group of club members to come to the brewery and brew. This group brew is a great educational experience for members who have only ever brewed on their smaller then commercial systems. Attendees were able to ask questions of the head brewer and owners. Members who register in advance are able to come to the brewery for a behind the scenes look at how to brew in addition to being able to take a carboy of wort home to finish as they please.

Not only was this event educational for members and a great donation for a local charity, but members were then also eligible to have their recipe brewed at NoDa as a part of the NoDable series. Anyone who participated in the group brew was able to enter their finished beer in a competition that was judged by CBM members and NoDa’s owners. The 1st through 3rd place finishers are going to be brewed this fall and released as NoDables.

What could be better than an event that lets you learn about what you love, give you a chance to be brewed at a local brewery, lets you show off your homebrewing skills, and donates to a local charity?

About the Carolina BrewMasters: The Carolina BrewMasters is a non-profit club whose members enjoy making, tasting, and sharing beer, mead, and cider. Their 200-plus members live in or around the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area and range in experience level from beginner to expert at making great home brews.

About NoDa Brewing Company: Is a unique microbrewery that offers a variety of small-batch craft beers. Open since 2011, they have been expanding their line of beers. Their taproom is a welcoming environment, and while they don’t sell food they have food trucks available just outside. Their beer can be bought in cans or on tap all around Charlotte.

About the Second Harvest FoodBank: Provides a regional distribution warehouse and branches that supply food and grocery items to charitable agencies that assist people in need. They provide training, consultation, technical assistance, and hunger education to their partner agencies.

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