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Carol for a cause

During this holiday season, there is a website that is reminding everyone of the real reason for Christmas. It is quite simple really. It is called Carol for a cause. Carol for a cause is basically reminding everyone of all the charities out there. It is a basic reminder of the love that we should be expressing towards everyone.

One can go to the site and even download a free Christmas Carol. What is in it for them? Nothing. Their basic goal is to remind people of giving, loving, faith, and hope during the Christmas season. So many people get wrapped up with "what's in it for me?" This one website has nothing that they are getting out of it, just reminding people that love can make a difference. That is what makes it special.

Enjoy the free song, and remember that Christmas is a time to give. Don't forget the less fortunate this year. Remember what the spirit of Christmas is about. Show others that we care. Remember the foundation that America was built on. Help others this holiday season!