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Carnival cruise ships offer 'Didja' adventurous menu items

A Study in Sushi is one of the 'Didja' menu items on Carnival ships
A Study in Sushi is one of the 'Didja' menu items on Carnival ships
Jackie Sheckler Finch

Ever have a yearning to try an unusual dish but not sure you want to waste your money and appetite if it turns out you don’t like it? Well, Carnival Cruise Lines has a deal for you.

On their menus, Carnival cruise ships offer an item called “Didja (as in did you ever….). The food listing goes on to explain that these are “foods you always wanted to try, but did not dare.”

Very cute idea. And very popular judging by my December cruise on the Carnival Magic. I must be an adventurous eater because I have already tried many of them. But then I’ve been traveling for a long time.

The man at the dining table next to me ordered the alligator and liked it. Thereafter, I think he ordered the Didja almost every single night.

It’s a safe bet that if you don’t like that night’s choice, a Carnival server will be sure to bring something else that you do like. A couple of times I have not finished my appetizer or entrée – certainly not that it wasn’t good, just that it can be food overload on a cruise. Invariably, my server would ask if the choice wasn’t to my liking and if I would prefer something else.

In case you are curious, here are the Didja choices on my cruise. Only one I didn’t order was frog legs. Just can’t do that. Only one I didn’t like was spicy alligator fritters. Too much spice and too little taste for me.

Book a Carnival cruise and try them for yourselves. Youngsters, in particular, think it’s cool and love to post photos of themselves with their unusual food.

- Cured salmon and candied tomato with dill cream, stewed apples and grapes in lemon dressing.
- Spicy alligator fritters served on tropical tomato salsa.
- A study in sushi, seared ahi tuna, ebi shrimp and Norwegian salmon tartar with soy sauce.
- Shark and langoustino fire cracker roll served with salsa verde
- Oysters Rockefeller, baked with spinach and cheese sauce.
- Escargots Bourguignonne, burgundy snails in garlic butter with an infusion of Chablis and Pernod.
- Frog legs with provencale herb butter served with warm garlic butter.

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