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Carnival Cruise Funpass to prepare yourself for easy check in and a fun vacation

Carnival Breeze
Carnival Breeze
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You are excited about your Carnival cruise and counting down the days until you leave. What can you do at home to prepare yourself for the trip? One thing you can do is go ahead and fill out your funpass online. This will get you all set for your cruise. Follow these easy steps to fill out your funpass.

Go to the carnival website and click on my profile. Sign yourself in at this location. You will need your booking #, name, date of cruise, and the ship you are sailing on with Carnival to set up an account. Next you will want to go to my cruises. It will show a place to click that says Check In: Funpass. This is a green button. Simply click this button to get started on your funpass.

First it will have you verify things about yourself such as your name, address, and emergency contact. Next you will have to put in your passport number if you have one already. I strongly recommend getting one before you cruise. Many cruises will require one. You will need several items off of your passport so make sure you have it handy while filling this information in on the form.

Next you will go through some routine questions such as will you be flying before or after your cruise. You will then set up your onboard expense account. This will make it where you and other people in your party can charge things to your room. This involves putting in part of your credit card information. Setting this up ahead of time will save you time when you get on the boat which leaves you more time for fun.

You will have to read over the terms of service and agree to them for every person in your party. Next it will go over the next guest and have you do the same thing for them. This will finish getting everyone set up for your group.

The last thing that the Carnival funpass will have you do is print out your boarding pass and luggage tags. You will need to print one luggage tag per piece of luggage you are bringing with you. These documents are needed to get on the cruise the day you leave.

Filling out your Carnival funpass online will help you to get on this cruise ship at a speedy rate on the day you leave. This is very helpful and can get you right to having a great time on your vacation!

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