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Carmen Perez Dickson: Principal not fired after abuse video, see how board voted

Carmen Perez Dickson is a school principal who was caught on the school security camera dragging a child by her leg and dragging another child by her arm. The video shows her bullying the children and even dropping one she is pulling along. This is astounding, but what is even more disturbing is that this woman could very well return to her job as an elementary school principal, according to ABC News on Feb. 22.

Carmen Perez Dickson seen on video pulling kid by leg through the hallways of the elementary school where she is principal.
YouTube screen shot

Dickson was put on six months unpaid leave over these horrific incidents, which happened in 2012, but the videos were just released last week. When her six months leave is up, which will be very soon, she is slated for an administration job within the same school system. This job will last for six months and then with some “sensitivity training” she can go back to being an elementary school principal.

This has many parents up in arms who believe this woman should have been fired. Others within the school system also wanted Dickson fired. That didn't happen as after a lengthy five-month hearing over Dickson's treatment of the children in her care ended, she walked away with only a six month suspension.

Dickson was on suspension when this first came to light back in 2012 and she was paid her salary during that time. It was after the hearing that it was decided she would be put on unpaid suspension. According to the Free, who followed the proceedings last year, that “although she is supposed to be without pay for six months, she is receiving just $1000 shy of her normal $150,000 salary for the year.” Apparently she’s lost just $1,000 as far as unpaid leave goes.

Can she work with the kids again as a school principal? The answer is yes, she could. After her six months suspension is up, she will work for just six months in an administration position as her probation along with receiving “sensitivity training.”

“The board determined that in about a year, she can be principal again." Although they will not allow her to go back to Tisdale Elementary, where she did these horrific acts to children. Instead she will go to another school with the same age group of kids? Many took this as a bit odd.

While others in high ranking positions within the school system thought she should be fired, the board rejected this request. Parents as well as others in the community are outraged over this. Here are how the board members voted.

Board members who wanted Dickson fired:
Thomas Mulligan, Hernan Illingworth and Leticia Colon voted to fire her.

Board members who voted to let Dickson keep her job:
Sauda Baraka, Bobby Simmons,John Bagley and Jacqueline Kelleher.

Besides the board seeing these videos at the hearing, testimony from other witnesses revealed that in addition to the videos that “Dickson once slapped a child and intimidated a special-needs student by cracking a baseball bat on the desk in front of her.” Dickson testified that she used force to keep the kids from harming themselves or others.

Sandra Kase, Chief Administrative Officer of Bridgeport schools said, “I still cringe when I see this,” talking about the video tape of Dickson pulling the child down the hall by her leg. Dickson had more than 30 years with the Bridgeport school district, despite her length of employment, she should have been fired said Kase.

Schools Superintendent Paul Vallas, also recommended termination. She said that she too was “astonished and appalled that anyone who claims to care about the safety of students could possibly reach this decision.”

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