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Carmen Perez Dickson: Principal drags kid by leg, video shows jaw-dropping acts

Carmen Perez Dickson, the Principal at a Bridgeport, Connecticut elementary school, is caught on video dragging, dropping and bullying kids as young as five-years-old. When this video was brought to the authorities and school officials parents were stunned. Today they are even more shocked as they learn that Dickson is keeping her job, according to Opposing Views on Feb. 22.

Carmen Perez Dickson seen on video pulling kid by leg through the hallways of the elementary school where she is principal.
YouTube screen shot

These incidents just came to light recently for the parents of the kids. Dickson is seen dragging and bullying in three incidents on this video. One mother found out that her daughter, who was afraid to go to school when she was in Kindergarten, was one of the kid’s on the video being treated like this by the principal. This happened in 2012 and it wasn’t until recently that the Department of Children and Families notified her of these events.

The mother said her little girl never told her because she was so afraid of Dickson. Carmen Dickson is the Principal of Jettie Tisdale Elementary School and the kids seen on the videos are young. When the superintendent of schools saw the video, a recommendation of firing Dickson was made, but the school board rejected that request. She was put under suspension and when her suspension is up, she can return as principal for the same school.

Needless to say parents are irate, with many talking to local news but not wanting their names revealed. One parent spoke about her little boy who was on one of the videos with the principal dragging him. “He didn’t do anything to make her do that to him.” She also said this woman should have been fired. She blames the Bridgeport Board of Education, who saw the videos, for not firing this teacher.

Jose Torres of the Bridgeport Parents Initiative said:

“We voted these people into office, and we expect them to do their jobs and their first priority should be protection our children.”

Update: These videos were released to the local news by the parents and now school authorities, who say these videos weren't for public viewing, are investigating how the videos got out. Are they more worried about people seeing this or the kids experiencing these horrendous acts?

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