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Carmen Perez Dickson on video: Principal drags 5-year-old students by leg

Carmen Perez Dickson, an elementary school principal from Bridgeport in Connecticut, was caught on surveillance video dragging two different kindergarten students by their legs. The newly released video is causing uproar among parents and even school board members who wanted to have the school principal fired, reported NBC Connecticut on Feb. 22, 2014.

Carmen Perez Dickson caught on video: Principal drags 5-year-old student by legs

Instead of firing the Jettie S. Tisdale Elementary public school principal, she was only suspended for six months.

The incidents of two young kindergarten students being dragged by their legs and arms down the hallway by their principal occurred in the spring of 2012. After investigating the incident reports, the Bridgeport Board of Education voted in October of 2013 to suspend the principal -- but not to fire her.

Carmen Perez Dickson’s six-month suspension will be over in March. Even though she is not to return as principal at Tisdale School, she is able to return as an educator. Dickson was ordered to complete some training on how to deal with students who don't behave, but the only condition for her return is that she can't go back to the same school.

According to Sandra Kase, who is Bridgeport Public Schools chief administrative officer, “she will be heavily supervised and hopefully she won't be repeating the same behavior with students.”

According to Bridgeport’s former superintendent and some board members, the principal should have been fired for her action.

According to the principal’s attorney, her client's actions were within Board of Education policy guidelines in using reasonable force.

The video of Carmen Perez Dickson dragging two motionless kindergartners down the hallway by their legs and arms like they are some dolls or rags was provided to NBC Connecticut by the mothers of the students involved. Watching the video makes one wonder though, is this really what one would consider a principal using reasonable force?

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