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Carmen Perez Dickson update: Principal dragged children, incited fear

Principal Carmen Perez Dickson is under fire for abuse at a Connecticut school. On Feb. 23, Canada Journal reported that the Principal allegedly dragged kids at Jettie S. Tisdale Elementary School two years ago and used bullying tactics. Despite a six-month suspension by the Board of Education during a dismissal hearing, the embattled administrator is due back soon, which has parents up in arms.

Carmen Perez Dickson
Canada Journal via video capture

Carmen Perez Dickson was caught on camera back in the spring of 2012 dragging two kindergarten students ( shown here) along the floor like a rag doll, reportedly, related to a disciplinary matter.

Source say the 35-year educator is accused of "popping a student in the head" and "dragging another student on the floor like she was a sack of potatoes." Initially, students were in fear about coming forward. As a result, officials were not immediately made aware of the incidents.

The disturbing videos began airing Friday and the public wants to know why more severe action wasn’t taken against Principal Dickson.

"No teacher, principal, anyone should be putting their hands on other kids," said an unnamed student from Tisdale.

"After seeing the videos, she dragged my daughter like she was some kind of animal. Who in their right mind let a principal go back to any school in Bridgeport and be a principal again?" said Nakeya Hargrove, the mother of a then 5-year-old girl shown getting dragged by her feet.

Sandra Kase, the Chief Administrative Officer of Bridgeport Public Schools, recommended they fire Dickson, citing what she believes is physical abuse and a pattern of fear and intimidation at the Connecticut school by the principal.

Ironically, even with an alleged "smoking gun" (two videos of the principal dragging students on the floor and numerous teachers and students testifying against Dickson), school board members only handed down a six-month suspension. As a result, when Dickson returns weeks from now, she will be gainfully employed, but in another capacity and location.

In the principal's defense, her attorney said she acted in accordance with school policy and procedures. Still, the public is not happy with the result.

Should Carmen Perez Dickson have been fired or did the Board of Education dismissal panel hand down appropriate discipline?


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