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Carmen Perez Dickson: Abusive principal allowed to return to job

A school video of principal Carmen Perez Dickson showed her dragging two kindergarten students by their legs. WSFB 3 reported Feb. 21 that the cruel incident took place at Bridgeport, Conn. at Jettie S Tisdale Elementary School in October.

Outrage by parents and the public is not only directed at the heinous act of the principal, but the fact that the Bridgeport Board of Education only suspended her for six months. Carmen Perez Dickson will be allowed to return to her job in March, but not at the same school.

Why was she not fired? Because one of the Board members said the video gave an incomplete picture of what led to the event. The child's behavior prior to the leg dragging was not revealed. Should that have mattered? Many parents do not think it does one bit.

"She will be heavily supervised and hopefully she won't be repeating the same behavior with students," said Sandra Kase, Bridgeport Public Schools chief administrative officer.

A political game is ruling the situation. Kase is apparently in charge of a district transition to a new superintendent. She said the "former superintendent recommended firing the Dickson, but the Bridgeport Board of Education voted differently."

"I hope the parents, whoever sees this (story), does not believe this kind of behavior is prevalent in our schools," Kase said.

Dickson was mandated to complete training sessions on how to deal with difficult students.

It is hard to believe someone like Carmen Perez Dickson will be allowed to keep her job within the school district. There should be no question that what she did was unacceptable, period.

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