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Carmen Electra Galore photos show that she is still hot at 42

Carmen Electra is featured in Galore magazine, and her hot photo spread shows that she still looks great for 42. Carmen began her career as a "Baywatch" babe, and she had continued to appear in both television shows and movies. She is currently filming her latest movie. Her films won't win her any awards, but the men that watch them aren't watching for her acting ability. E! Online shared some of the photos from her Galore photo shoot on July 1.

In the photos, Electra is featured wearing a yellow one-piece bathing suit. It is cut very similar to the style of the bathing suit she wore during her time on "Baywatch." The photo makes it clear that Elecrtra is still very much a babe at her age. Inside the magazine, the model and actress spoke about her career and her body. She revealed that she still has one of the red bathing suits she wore during her time on the series. It is framed in her home.

Carmen Electra also shared a small tip for those that want to keep their looks like she has. She said the following in the way of advice to the magazine:

"Try to stay stress free, and wash off your makeup at night."

There is more to Electra's good looks though. The actress is a known fitness fanatic, and she has released several workout DVD's during her career. In addition to her films and television roles, she has also released music, and her latest music video was released just last month. "Werq" was released back in 2013, but the music video is brand new.

Electra performed on stage last month, and she showed off her body in "red leather hot pants, a cropped tee and a stud-embellished bra." Electra was a member of the Pussycat Dolls at one point, and she performed well, according to Splash News.

As for her television career, she has latched onto reality television since her "Baywatch" days. She has appeared on "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox as a guest judge, and she also appeared on "Britain's Got Talent." During her marriage to Dave Navarro, the actress had her own reality series on MTV. "Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave" aired on television during 2004. She divorced the musician in 2007. She admitted to Galore that she still has a guilty reality television pleasure. She watches "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Bravo.

As for her love life currently, the actress revealed that she is currently single. She is happy about it too. Her personal life has made as much news as her career. Her relationship to Navarro was not her only high profile relationship. She also was married to former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Electra is definitely keeping herself busy. Her life seems to be quite full with all of her endeavors. At the age of 42, she isn't showing any signs of slowing down or stopping. Why should she? She looks great. She sounds happy. Life is not meant to end at 40. That used to be the case, but women are taking better care of themselves and their bodies. Electra is one woman that has definitely taken care of herself. FHM even noticed. She is the oldest woman to be featured on one of their covers. She definitely looks ready to hit the beach in these new hot photos.

Read more about what Electra had to say about her life in Galore. What do you think of Carmen's new photo spread?

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