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Carmen Electra in 'Galore': Hot swimsuit photo spread of model, flaunts curves

Carmen Electra in Galore magazine is electrifying readers, as the sexy model is flaunting her curves and showing she’s definitely still got it in a new swimsuit photo spread. The hot photos are accompanied with some advice from the 42-year-old celebrity, who shares some secrets she uses to stay young, feel beautiful, and appear confident. Enstarz offers the inside scoop on the sexy look Electra reveals in her new photos this Tuesday, July 1, as well as that bombshell body — which speaks for itself.

Carmen Electra in Galore Magazine shows sexy swimsuits
Twitter (Enstarz), Jacob Dekat Galore Magazine

Although the world may be setting its sights on younger and more contemporary models like Kate Upton, a recent Carmen Electra Galore spread shows that even the older beauties haven’t lost their charm. In a stunningly hot picture spread, the middle-aged actress flaunts her sex appeal and her curves in the summer issue. Fans get a steamy glimpse of Electra owning a one-piece bathing suit (vivid yellow in color), which only accentuates her flawless legs and slim waist.

A majority of the swimsuit photos are aptly taken beside a glistening pool (if one looks closely enough, they can see a handsome man in the background supposed to be cleaning the water but clearly distracted by Carmen Electra’s beauty). The sexy, devil-may-care look also features the blonde bombshell’s hair worn long and free, as well as a fashionable pair of sunglasses. Within the Galore interview, the 42-year-old model and actress speaks openly to women about wanting to appear confident and desirable, even as they approach middle age. Her beauty tips are pretty basic, but useful.

"Try to stay stress free," Electra said. "And wash off your makeup at night."

The swimsuit photo shoot expands into a more interesting venue in terms of Carmen Electra’s words and pictures as well, notes the Daily Mail. A different glimpse of the model portrays her cruising coolly through the streets in a sports car, while another photo showcases the celebrity standing languorously by a pair of chickens. Although Electra has stayed somewhat out of the spotlight in recent months, she said she’s ready to get back into the modeling, entertainment, and music world very soon.

"I'm having fun and working hard," the star revealed. "I have more music coming out and I will be filming a movie in London."

For her male fans out there who still hope to have a shot with Carmen Electra, Galore magazine can confirm the good news — the hot model is currently single and ready to mingle. Although she didn’t say that she’s actively looking for a man in her love life, suitors aren’t apparently being turned away, either. The artist and actress is just looking to enjoy her 40s and keep an open mind.

"I am happily single and having fun," Electra added.

Are you equally impressed with the Carmen Electra photo shoot in Galore magazine? From pictures of her rocking that one-piece swimsuit at age 42 to adopting a cool, confident, and open-minded attitude towards life, she certainly seems to be in a solid state of mind. The model is reportedly also looking to focus more on her music than just flaunt her memorable curves, which is one avenue that the buxom blonde hasn’t explored too deeply quite yet. Here’s to a successful 2014 and beyond for Electra.

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