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Carmen Electra Galore: 42 y/o Carmen Electra looks smokin' hot in swimsuit

Carmen Electra
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Carmen Electra did a photoshoot for Galore Magazine in which she looks absolutely gorgeous. The former reality television star posed in a yellow one-piece swimsuit, showing off her (still) amazing figure. The 42-year-old (yes, she is 42) dished out some beauty advice in the corresponding interview, which is worth the read (that is, if you can get past the incredibly sexy photos).

Electra was asked about how she manages to stay so young looking. Her beauty secret? Trying to live stress free and washing her makeup off at night. Naturally her figure is also attributed to eating right and working out. According to NewsOXY, Electra, in part, can attribute her flawless look to clean eating.

Carmen Electra's Galore shoot is bringing her back into the mainstream. Many wondered what happened to her over the past couple of years, but she has sort of just done her own thing. According to Reality TV World, she recently released a new song called Werq, and she plans on releasing more music. Werq actually made its way onto the Internet in 2013, unofficially. But now, Electra is really getting into the dance-techno-pop scene. She will also star in the upcoming films, Lap Dance and Party Pieces.

While the singer/actress might have traded her infamous red Baywatch monokini for a yellow one that is just as sexy, she revealed that her iconic swimsuit is preserved in a frame and hanging inside her home.

Carmen Electra's Galore issue will be available this summer. Fans are excited to see her back in business and hope that she sticks around. Her music certainly has potential -- and her look hasn't changed in 20 years (though some might say she's gotten better with age!).

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