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Carmen Electra in 2014 Super Bowl Commercial? Volkswagen teaser revealed (video)

Carmen Electra, Abraham Lincoln, puppies, cute babies and a giant hamburger are featured for an upcoming 2014 Super Bowl Commercial for Volkswagen. According to Mashable on Monday, the best part of the teaser is when all the American elements start to collide and things go all wrong.

The fans are offered a sneak peek at what the car company might be revealing the 60-second spot. Giving viewers a glimpse of how scientists are planning to make Americans watch the ad, a diagram with dozens of American icons are displayed to show how the company plans to put it all together in one commercial.

The ad shows all the parts moving flawlessly, until Carmen Electra sets off the Volkswagen car alarm with her butt. From there things become unbalanced and the textbook American moment is perfect no more with the worst being a ball machine malfunctions and shoots a ball into an old man's groin. Taking cover, even Abraham Lincoln grabs one of the babies and scurries away from the scene.

Suggesting that the company is still trying to put together the scientist shakes his head at the results of the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial and indicates he didn’t like the outcome. Leaving people with an idea of what the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial is about, the company’s teaser is a perfect way to build excitement for the game day.

Take a look at Carmen Electra in the 2014 Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial. Doesn’t she look hot (well at least until she bumps the car.)

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