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Carmelo Anthony: Chicago Bulls up first when NBA Free Agency opens July 1

Melo could be the missing part for several teams this fall to get over the championship hump.
Melo could be the missing part for several teams this fall to get over the championship hump.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Will Carmelo Anthony be a Chicago Bull tomorrow? The much sought after free agent could be. While no one knows where Anthony will end up playing this fall, we do know that the Chicago Bulls will get the first crack at landing the all-star. According to Sportsline report on June 29, the Bulls will meet with Anthony the minute the clock strike 12 midnight on July 1. Get ready NBA fans, now that we are just 24 hours from the official beginning of the 2014 free agency frenzy the rumors are going to get more wild from here on out.

It is rumored that Anthony has drawn interest from the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, and Los Angeles Lakers and plans on meeting with them all. According to Marc Stein of, after Anthony meets with the Bulls on Tuesday he will head South to visit the Houston Rockets followed by the Dallas Mavericks.

Bulls fans hope Anthony doesn't leave the Windy City without signing a deal to play in Chicago, but the odds of that are slim. Even if Melo ended up in Chicago, he most likely will want to hear all of the offers from every team interested in signing him.

Anthony may be the biggest fish in the pond this off-season for many teams. While Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are officially on the market, many experts think James and Wade will end up back in Miami and only opted out of their contract deals to gain leverage. Anthony however is likely to catch on with a new team instead of returning to the Knicks.

Who knows - maybe Anthony will end up on the Heat with James and Wade. Crazier things have happened! Last season Anthony averaged 27.4 points per game with New York.