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Carmel Joy Baird believes that Adolf Hitler is in the place of good souls

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Reality shows can spark controversy before they even air. However, the latest reality Canadian TV show coming to CMT, "Mom's a Medium," hit a truckload of dynamite when the star of the show, Carmel Joy Baird said that Adolf Hitler is not in hell. He is in the same place as all the good souls.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominik Diamond interviewed Carmel about her upcoming promo, "Mom's a Medium." on the radio show, "The Edge.” Things went fine until she said her beliefs. Carmel believes that when people die, they go on to the next world. In this world, there are no bad souls, only good ones. Then, she continued to say that the German leader, Adolf Hitler, resided in the place of good souls. She said, “He’s with great-granny on the other side.”

This did not go over well, especially with the Jewish people. History tells the story of Adolf Hitler trying to eradicate the entire world of Jewish people.

Len Rudner of Toronto’s Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs spoke out about Carmel and her beliefs. "Ms Baird is entitled to her opinion about what happened to Hitler in the next world. We are much more concerned with what he did in this world, which was to attempt to annihilate the Jewish people. "This is far more important to remember. The souls that deserve our attention are the souls of the people that were murdered during Hitler’s genocide and the souls of those who grieve them."

Carmel refuses to apologize for her beliefs and/or statement. Corus Entertainment, who operates CMT, apparently does not believe that Carmel needs to apologize either. Chorus Entertainment said, "Carmel allegedly believes that all souls, whether the people were good or bad while on the earth, go to one place. That is where she connects with them. While she believes our spirits all move on to the next place, she does not see this as a pardon for people who have acts to answer for here on Earth.”

People often look forward to watching and connecting with psychics. They like to know about dead relatives and if they have any messages for them. Some psychics help police solve crimes when the victim had been killed. Whether "Mom's a Medium" will go very far, it's hard to say. Her words may have condemned and canceled her show before it airs.

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