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Carly Faulkner uses her artistic talents to help her basketball team

Carly Faulkner wearing the shirt she designed.
Carly Faulkner wearing the shirt she designed.

Carly Faulkner plays basketball year-round, participating on a competitive AAU team. She works with trainers and practices on her own. However, basketball is not Carly’s only passion. Carly is a very talented artist, musician, and photographer. Recently, she found a way to use her artistic talents to help her basketball team.

Carly’s basketball program was participating in a mile dribble fundraiser and she jumped at the chance to design the t-shirts. She chose a bright, neon green shirt, with bright neon pink lettering. She drew a basketball and sneaker on the front to symbolize the event. In the future, Carly plans to design t-shirts and sell them in order to raise money for the team.

In addition to helping with fundraising and designing clothing, Carly is able to use her talents during basketball in other ways. “When I am playing basketball I use the same strategies I use in art, which are focus, thinking outside the box, and paying attention to detail,” she explained.

When asked when she first found her love for art, Carly said, “I think it was when I was in pre-school and I won an Easter bunny drawing contest.” Carly has been playing the piano since fourth grade and also enjoys photography. It is not easy balancing so many extra-curricular activities with a demanding basketball schedule, but Carly shows that it is possible. “Sometimes it’s really hard because on some days I am more in the mood for art, but I have basketball or piano requirements. I once missed a piano recital because I had a basketball tournament. But, doing all of these hobbies helps me to learn to manage my time and to focus my priorities.” Regularly pursuing all of her interests helps Carly to avoid burnout, generalize her skills to other aspects of her life, and to help her team.