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Carlton Gebbia’s pal starts rumors of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ exit

The rumors of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members getting axed apparently are getting louder. There has been speculation that Carlton Gebbia wasn’t going to be on another season and one of Carlton’s friends (and someone who has been on the show) has started a big rumor about it. According to WetPaint on Tuesday, it appears that Allison DuBois might have accidentally confirmed that Carlton won’t be back.

“I wish Kyle wasn't such a name caller, witchy poo, really? She just proved Carlton's point. So long RHOBH! No more Carlton, no reason to watch,” tweeted Allison DuBois from her official Twitter account. She added an additional slam towards Andy Cohen too. “@Andy Cohen you might just be an evil genius.”

Fans have heard rumors that Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud will be cut from the next season, but nothing from Bravo has indicated the final decision. Of course, there is some friction between Allison DuBois and the other cast members so maybe the psychic was looking for drama to capture some last minute attention from the show in case people want her services.

While the rumors swirl about who will stay and who might go on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the fans are getting pleasure of seeing the stars poking back at forth. Frankly, who would want to see the cast hug it out and high-five each other? It’s a chick show and that would be so awkward. Keeping to the stereotypical idea of women empowerment, the top females come out of from cat fights, nasty comments and condescending overtones. Do we exaggerate? Well, that depends on your opinion of the final three-part reality show reunion.

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