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Carlsbad offers the best pizza ever

Nobody does it better!
Nobody does it better!

When one lives in the Middle East, and I’m talking San Diego’s Alpine, Descanso, and Pine Valley, one must be willing to do a bit of driving to find paradise in the summer months.

I don't think anybody does it better than Pizza Port

Sandwiched between the San Eliljo Lagoon and the Buena Vista Lagoon is some of God’s best work! I love that portion of earth even in the winter months but it is especially grand during summer when the day time highs can hit above 100 and throw in a little muggy and I’m in the neon-green Accent looking for ocean front relief.

While it’s true that you could jump off the 5 at the Batiquitos Lagoon and be very successful at finding a little Heaven on Earth, I urge you to continue up past the Aqua Hedionda... get off 5 north at Carlsbad Village Dr. and head due west about 5 blocks. Park as park can, though there is a parking lot in back if you’re just looking for the best darned pizza in the world, and there at 571 Carlsbad Village Dr. you’ll find Pizza Port with its taste delights.

The other weekend I loaded up the green go cart with Nancy and we rendezvoused with my #1 daughter and her family for pizza and grog.

As much taken with the overall ambience of the beach community in and of itself, the Pizza Port in Carlsbad is just overall wonderful for these types of family gatherings. The atmosphere is family friendly. Grandkids can scream their desires without bothering many; Grandparents can drool over the taste delights in genuine tranquility; and Parents can rest easy that their brood isn’t bothering anyone with there enthusiasm for the world around them.

The staff at Pizza Port seems to genuinely love the work. They service with a smile and professionalism unrivaled. But I absolutely tip my hat to those who prepare the taste delights.

We had some salad, pizza and the best craft beer I’ve ever had. The price was fair enough but Nancy bought the food and I bought the beer so I’m not sure how much our meeting cost overall... I just know it was awesome to the taste buds and the day was cool compared to the Middle East where I was that morning.

I’d give Pizza Port five thumbs ups!