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CarlessinOKC Blogger asked for stories about OKC walkability

@CarlessinOKC is a blog by a young couple who relocated 1000 miles to this area of the USA, into downtown Oklahoma City and with intent proceeded in life without a vehicle.

39th has a curb cut, which goes to a hill, and no sidewalk. The hill is slanted, and often retains water from a connection

@CarlessinOKC made a call for stories regarding others experiences without a car in OKC.

This photo essay, is one of many posted with explanations by this writer regarding traffic glitches and pedestrian cycle problems after 3 solid years of treading pretty much the same path daily.

This Downtown OKC writer is typically a commuter cyclist not recreational. 1.) Has being hit by a car riding a bike, 2.) rides the bus, 3.) uses TimeCar vehicle co-op, 4.) bums occasional rides from family and friends and 5.) has a friend who drives a cab. These articles cover some pedestrian/bike routes for Downtown OKC, Midtown OKC and Uptown OKC, roughly a span from the Municipal Building in Downtown OKC, to Belle Isle at NW HWY.

Under a separate header, this OKC Downtown writer will show you what it looks like going on foot to the now only remaining grocer, or to get to the mall or a northern area job from this writer's neighborhood is an adventure that hundreds of people undertake daily which may surprise readers.

MAPS3 sidewalk projects have until sometime in 2014 to be completed, however it is still unclear which projects will connect the many curb cuts pelted across the city, implying a pending walkway be built behind it.

Other articles that explain similar concerns or plights are noted below.

The short version is there are growing pains, and there is surely improvement that has come to pass, and improvements that need to happen.

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