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Carla Turner, The Hero HD 39 Needs and Deserves

Carla Turner (3rd from left) with supporters in Teller County
Carla Turner (3rd from left) with supporters in Teller County
The Legion of Justice

Carla Turner is the most enthusiastic, energetic candidate running the most original campaign ever in HD 39. With a fantastic superhero theme and a campaign committee called the “Legion of Justice,” Carla Turner, like Superman in a phone booth, is transforming the normally staid election season into a super-charged, super-fun fight for Justice and Liberty for all Coloradans.

Carla at The Highlands Ranch 4th of July Parade
The Legion of Justice

But Carla isn’t just a candidate with a unique campaign theme. She is the real deal, a 30 year Colorado resident who began fighting for underdogs at age seven by standing up to bullies which led to an impressive career consistently working with the under-represented and underserved. Carla led the Douglas County Youth Initiative for 6 years, worked with AmeriCorps at Colorado State University, and was the Director of the 8th Judicial District Youth Services Bureau for 8 years. With an unparalleled record of public service, an understanding of the systems that serve kids and families, and a commitment to frugal use of tax dollars, sending Carla to Denver will be the smartest decision voters will make this election season.

Upon meeting Carla, one gets the immediate impression that whatever she commits herself to will be accomplished in a professional, fair manner.

Carla took time from leaping tall buildings in a single bound to answer some questions about her campaign for HD 39:

Delana Mullins Maynes: What made you decide to run for office?

Carla Turner: It all started with Girls State. Between my junior and senior years of high school, I was selected to represent my county at this week-long government immersion experience. Later on, as I worked with kids and families and saw the impact that policies and laws had on their lives, it became increasingly important to work on those policies and laws to make them better and more effective. I started the Douglas County Youth Congress in 2008 and oversaw four of those events, during which kids spent the day at the state Capitol building, applying the public policy analysis process to actual laws that affect them, and I found those kids and that setting absolutely inspiring. After I left the Douglas County Youth Initiative, I spent time advocating for House Bill 1271 (direct file reform) and really caught the legislative bug.

DMM: What separates you from your opponent? Issues, votes you would have cast differently, any differences you want to highlight?

CT: Based on my opponent's website, we differ in many respects. The most telling differences have to do with:

Support of the U.S. and State Constitutions - 1) "School choice" as proposed in Douglas County by its voucher system violates the Establishment Clause by allowing public funds to be spent on faith-based institutions and curricula. "School choice" violates the Colorado constitutional provision assuring that all children will have access to a quality public education. Polly supports vouchers and I do not. 2) So-called "gun rights" proponents continually forget two other aspects of the 2nd Amendment: "well-regulated" and "militia". I support sensible gun policy to ban assault weapons and close the gun show loophole, and I support community efforts to educate the populace about how access to lethal means increases the suicide completion rate in any given community. I've been endorsed by Colorado Ceasefire, and I couldn't be prouder of that.

Healthcare - I value the benefits of equal access to quality, affordable healthcare: less remediation for missed school or work time, an emphasis on preventive care that avoids costly and invasive medical care later on, true insurance reform to achieve real cost-savings, redirected monies to community-based systems of care that keep folks in their own homes longer and more cost-effectively. My opponent does not support these benefits.

Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancies - My opponent states that she would not approve funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides many useful pregnancy prevention and women's healthcare services. I disagree. I don't think abortion should be a retroactive birth control choice - - I think choice happens earlier, before conception. BUT I believe that we should provide men and women with every opportunity to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and that means access to effective birth control. We have got to break out of this divisive, polarized argument and get to the business of problem-solving!

DMM: What do you feel is the most important issue in your district?

CT: The most important, bottom-line, affects-pretty-much-everything issue is the environment. In House District 39, there's the way water is utilized and how water availability does or does not affect development. There's the use of water in questionable energy production methods like fracking. There is the question of the future of open pit gold mining in Teller County, a huge economic driver which also has vast environmental impacts. There is the question of wildfire damage mitigation and how that affects development. Across Colorado and across party lines, we agree that the natural environment is the major reason that we live here - - it provides jobs and revenues through tourism and recreation and other industries. Without it, nothing thrives.

DMM: What do you feel is the most important issue in Douglas County?

CT: As mentioned above, the environment and its component issues of water and energy development and housing development are critical issues in Douglas County as well as Teller County, but I'd also mention education in reference to Douglas County. Never have I seen a school board that is more controversial, more divisive and more secretive in their actions.

DMM: Do you have any previous political experience (elected and appointed positions)?

CT: I've never served in elected office before. I've worked on several candidate and issue campaigns in the past. As a public employee throughout the years, I've been a careful steward of your tax dollars though. I can stretch a dollar like nobody else!

DMM: What is your educational background?

CT: Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Oklahoma State University and one great year at Tulane School of Law in New Orleans, where I loved the law school experience but really didn't want to be an attorney!

DMM: Tell me something I don’t know about you?

CT: I'm a certified barbecue judge.

With a 1000 watt smile, boundless energy, and some of the coolest campaign signs ever seen, Carla is just the person we need to represent HD 39. Only a superhero like Carla Turner has the power to make our fractured State House whole again. With Carla in The House, there will be justice for all.

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