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Carl Jung and the alchemy vibration... waking up to new thought

The integration of the psyche: Alchemical transformation of personal and collective unconscious
The integration of the psyche: Alchemical transformation of personal and collective unconscious
Private collection B. Lipsett by Rachel

Any fan of the Harry Potter books will recognize the name of Nicholas Flamel, the Wizard responsible for the crisis of the second book and "The Sorcerers' Stone". For all of her brilliance, however, J.K. Rowling did not invent Nichols Flamel, or the idea of the Sorcerer's Stone. Nicholas Flamel was a real person, and attributed the distinction of discovering the secrets of the "Philosopher's Stone" along with the ability to transform mercury into gold... the roots of the mythology of Alchemy.

The common allegory of turning mercury, lead or sulfur into gold can best be interpreted as one of most ancient forms of spiritual awakening. The true quest for the Philosopher's Stone is not a material quest, but one of deeper understanding about the transformative nature of human beings. The romanticized version of Alchemy belies a much richer treasure, the transmutation of the soul and the magical connections we have to the Universe.

Carl Jung stated that the human psyche is "by nature religious". Although he was a theoretical psychologist and practicing clinician, he developed many of his theories and teaching by exploring other areas, including Eastern and Western philosophy, astrology, sociology and Alchemy. Jung's approach to psychology has been influential around the world, including the teachings of New Thought.

Jung was a counterculture icon, a rebel, and an Alchemist. It was through this 'out of the box' thinking that Jung arrived at his theories about dreams and the differences between 'personal unconscious' and 'collective unconscious'. Jung believed in the necessity of balance and harmony through Individuation. An arguably alchemical process, Individuation is the transformation of the personal and collective unconscious into consciousness through dreams, meditation and spirituality. It is a process necessary for the integration of the psyche, having a profound healing effect on the individual, both mentally and physically. Moving into consciousness through alchemical processes empowers the individual and in turn can raise the vibrational levels of everyone they connect with. It becomes a matter of literally ‘rising above’ the current circumstances.

Raising your vibration level will serve to protect you from the distractions of any internal or external fears. Know what you can control in your world, and keep the rest in your peripheral. Some ways to begin this process are:

- Stay away from late news in particular and go to bed with clarity. Being aware of the world around you is important, but don’t let it take over.
-Before you hit the pillow, write one or two things you are grateful for. Read them to yourself, or share it with your significant other.
- Don’t judge someone for being aloof but turn it around in kindness and without expectation.
-Try to eat, speak and interact consciously. Stand outside yourself and watch how you perform in the world.
-Be lighter! Laugh at everything with reckless and joyful abandon.
-You are not that important. Be graceful and humble in the melee, don’t add your drama where it isn’t needed.

While we won’t necessarily find a ‘Pot O’ Gold’ though Alchemy, through its transformative power we can arrive closer to God or source as conscious beings. Allowing external fear to drive us to God is not our free will, but a vehicle for dark energy to distract us. We cannot control all things outside of us, only what is happening inside of us. We should all strive to become true Alchemists, and rise above…


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