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Carl Grimes in danger? Dad saves Carl in 'The Walking Dead' season finale

Carl Grimes is becoming quite the teen idol in AMC's "The Walking Dead," and he has fans that would be "crushed" to lose him in this series. After all, he is the hope for future for the apocalyptic world. This is a season finale spoiler about young Carl and fans not wanting to speculate, or see evidence of theories should turn away now. According to Sunday's ComicBook report, Carl Grimes (played by Chandler Riggs) hints that Carl Grimes is in for the fight of his life and that he faces the unmentionable and unthinkable in this season finale.

Carl Grimes survives bloodbath?
AMC / promo / fair use

It seems that predictions by those who watch the comics and attended conventions are leaking news that Carl will face rape at the hands of the marauding gang that Daryl hooked up with. Daryl may have to step in with his cross bow, or is he out of the way and unaware of what is happening?

According to and The Walking Dead and More on Saturday, it will be Rick who rescues his son, by using a secret weapon and we are hoping predictions are not correct. Using his teeth to rescue his son would be horrid, for some young viewers who cannot even handle the thought of Carl being in danger of death. Like it or not, this show has some intensely dedicated young viewers. Carl is rapidly becoming one of the next teen idols judging by some fan sites.

In the series finale, who dies next is the question of the week for "Walking Dead" fans. Rick, Daryl, Michonne or Carl could all be at risk. Just when Carl and his dad Rick are getting along well, it seems as if something bad is about to happen as Rick and Michonne are forced to assist the voice in the woods with Carl.

Given that leaked photos of both Rick and his son are shown as bloodied up after a fight; it is logical to assume that both are still alive. What do you think? Carl may have lost his cool as he was seen running into the wood to assist the man yelling for help and we hear the gurgle of zombie walkers in the background. It was Carl to the rescue as he jumped up and ran to answer the man's distressed cry for help. It sounds like a trap.

Sunday will tell fans what his fate is, along with the fate of many other group survivors. For now rest assured that Carl is becoming quite the teen idol and his death would guarantee that young viewers tune out of the show.

For now sit back and enjoy the promo of episode 416 A in the video clip above. Set the DVR for AMC's channel because Sunday is coming fast. Watch AMC's "The Walking Dead" on Sunday at 9 p.m ET.

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