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Carl from 'The Walking Dead' likes to stream himself playing 'DayZ'

Chandler Riggs is best known as Rick Grimes' son Carl from The Walking Dead​ television series on AMC where he and his father are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Like many kids his age though, Riggs like to play video games and stream their adventures over the Internet. This includes surviving a zombie apocalypse in DayZ as discovered Saturday.

As pointed out on Reddit, Riggs goes by “ChairHandler” on both YouTube and Twitch where he recently started a series of videos where he and friends get together to play and stream DayZ and League of Legends. He only has nine videos total so far in the last three weeks but, due to his celebrity, he already has over 21,000 people subscribed to his YouTube channel and more than 30,000 people subscribed to his Twitch channel.

When Riggs is not playing Carl in The Walking Dead and killing zombies and other humans, he can be seen bashing a zombie that’s glitching through the floor with a fire extinguisher. Or, you can watch Riggs and his friends run along the road of Chernarus while making teenage jokes about the game.

There’s honestly not much there right now as, like most beginning game broadcasters, Riggs and his friends and somewhere between just having fun with each other and trying to find what makes an interesting broadcast for viewers. The good news for Riggs is that the majorities of his viewers appear willing to overlook the starting bumps and are actively encouraging him and offer streaming tips.

This does raise some interesting questions about the future of streaming though. So far, there have been streamers that have gained enough Internet fame and followers that they've quit their regular jobs and dedicated themselves to streaming full time and honed their craft. What happens when already famous TV, movie and sports personalities take up streaming?

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