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Carjackers can't drive stick: Would-be thieves tripped up by Kia stick shift

Would-be carjackers couldn't drive a stick, run for the hills in Seattle
Would-be carjackers couldn't drive a stick, run for the hills in Seattle
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A Seattle woman has quite the story to tell because her carjackers couldn't drive a stick shift. Nancy Fredrickson, 70, had quite the frightening experience, but the way the story ended has many laughing now. KIRO TV shared the details regarding the thieves who chose the wrong car to try to steal one afternoon.

Three teens tried to steal Nancy Fredrickson's car last Saturday, but she says they couldn't figure out how to drive it. The Seattle woman had just walked to the back of her car to get something out of the trunk when the teens demanded her car keys. She initially thought they were joking, but the gun they pointed at her told her otherwise.

Fredrickson then dropped her keys, and the teens raced to take off with the car. However, the carjackers couldn't drive stick and they ended up giving the neighbors a solid laugh after the fact. Fredrickson watched them struggle until they ran off through a nearby parking lot. While she can laugh about it now, naturally Fredrickson was crying as she called 911 in the midst of the incident.

Surveillance video caught the teens running from the scene, and the police took DNA, fiber evidence and fingerprints from the scene. Luckily nobody was injured in the incident, and Nancy Fredrickson still has her vehicle. There's no word as of yet about the would-be thieves being caught, but it seems it's surely just a matter of time. Those in the area can laugh over the carjackers not driving stick now, though it was certainly an unsettling experience at the time.