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Carjackers can't drive stick: Shiftless carjackers foiled by KIA 5-speed stick

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An elderly woman was shaken and in tears after she found herself looking down the barrel of a gun with three teens demanding the keys to her car. Nancy Frederickson handed over the keys to the teens who jumped in her car and immediately became baffled as to how and start the vehicle and drive it away, according to Newsmax on June 24.

Frederickson was still standing behind her car, where the teens first accosted her getting an item out of her trunk, as the thieves tried to make their getaway in her car. Instead of a clean departure, the teens were stuck. It appeared not one of these would-be carjackers could drive a stick shift. It was apparent that they hadn't learned the tricks of their trade.

According to CBS News, the car they were attempting to steal was a five-speed KIA, which left the 'shiftless' trio baffled.' The victim said that she watched as they tried, but they "couldn't figure out how to get it going!"

This incident happened right outside the elderly woman's Seattle home. She lives in a senior housing development and the carjackers most likely happened upon her first, but anyone of the residents could have been a victim.

Another resident might have been out luck if they owned an automatic and these hoodie-wearing carjackers happened upon them getting into their vehicle. It appears that having a car with a stick-shift may be just as effective as all the bells and whistles that go off when a newer vehicle is tampered with by thieves.

Most kids learn to drive an automatic today as stick shifts seem to be a thing of the past unless you are buying a racing-like muscle car. Having a five-speed car certainly helped in protecting Frederickson from losing her vehicle to these criminals.

70-year-old Frederickson tells the media "I've got a five speed in there," pointing to her car. At first she thought it was a joke when the teens first came up behind her and demanded her keys.

When she saw the gun she realized that this was the real-deal. She dropped the keys and one of the teens picked them up as all three jumped into her car.

Part of the ordeal was picked up by surveillance cameras that were nearby and you can see the bumbling thieves running away from the foiled carjacking. Police collected the video tape as evidence along with getting fingerprints and DNA evidence after going over the car.

While Frederickson spoke to the media she said she is able to laugh about it now, but after looking down the barrel of a gun, she was shaken up for a little bit. When police arrived she was still in tears, but later shook it off and got a laugh out of the foiled carjacking of the shiftless carjackers!