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Carjackers can't drive stick: Carjackers ‘shift-less in Seattle’ as crime fails

"Carjackers can't drive stick" story buzzing the Internet this week.

The story of would-be carjackers from Seattle who couldn’t drive a stick shift car is buzzing the Internet and many can’t resist using the pun “shiftless in Seattle,” CBS News reported Tuesday.

Seattle Police say it’s true. The wanna-be carjackers were foiled in their crime because they could not operate a stick shift car, they apparently only knew how to drive an automatic, KIRO-TV reported.

Seattle Police say a 70-year-old woman almost became the victim of a carjacking but before the three teenage suspects could get away, they all realized that none of them knew how to drive a stick shift.

Surveillance video showed the suspects running away after they failed to steal the manual shift car.

The almost-victim, Nancy Frederickson said. "I got a five speed in there," she said of her KIA car. "They couldn't figure out how to get it going!"

Frederickson said she was getting something from the trunk of her car when someone demanded her keys. She recounted that she she thought it was a joke. But she knew it was no joke when she saw one of the suspects pull a gun. That teenage hooded suspect pointed the gun directly at her.

The intended victim dropped her keys and the three teen suspects jumped in her car. But that is where the crime ended. None of them could drive s stick shift.

Surveillance video captured them running away in frustration.

Frederickson said the crime makes her laugh now but at the time she was terrified and feared for her life. Police say they are still looking for the “Carjackers can't drive stick” suspects and are asking for anyone who may have seen the suspects to come forward.

The crime shocked residents near South Main Street, where the attempted car jacking occurred.

A neighbor, Ronnie Conley, told CBS. "We're all elderly up in here," he said, pointing to the affordable senior housing apartments where he and Frederickson both live. "Know what I'm saying? It's scary! In broad daylight, too."

"It was quite an interesting day," Frederickson, the would-be carjacking victim added. "Let's put it that way."

It's easy why the story about carjackers being foiled because they can't drive a stick shift is buzzing the Internet. We all like to see the tables turned on would-be criminals.

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