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Carjackers can't drive stick: Going to jack a car? Learn how to drive it

"Stick" it to em. Three would-be car thieves were foiled by a manual transmission.
"Stick" it to em. Three would-be car thieves were foiled by a manual transmission.
Stick Shift / Wikimedia Commons

Three teenagers in Seattle had their collective thieving eyes on a Kia, but when it came time to jack and fast track out, these would-be car burglars lacked the knack. The bane of their filching ways? No one taught them to drive a stick.

Reports CBS News: “Some would-be carjackers were ‘shiftless in Seattle’ – which, police say, is why they ended up car-less: They couldn't drive a manual transmission. A 70-year-old woman was about to be the victim of a carjacking when three teenage thieves realized none of them knew how to drive a stick shift.”

Foiled by the Kia’s manual transmission, the teens took off. Surveillance cameras caught their car-less flee, and police are actively looking for the men.

The victim, Nancy Frederickson, said that last Saturday, as she was getting things out of her trunk, the trio of teens approached her and demanded her keys. At least one of them was armed, and a gun was pointed at her.

“It's not every day you get a gun stuck in your face,” Nancy said. She handed over the keys, stepped back, and watched the inept car jackers try desperately to get the Kia moving.

“I got a five speed in there,” Nancy said. “They couldn't figure out how to get it going!”

Reports CBS News:

Frederickson told the station she can laugh about the whole thing now, but she was in tears as she called 911 following the incident. Police reportedly took fingerprints and also retrieved DNA and fiber evidence from the vehicle.

“It was quite an interesting day,” Frederickson said. “Let's put it that way.”

Neighbor Ronnie Conley said the teens were taking advantage of the fact that Nancy lives in a senior assisted facility. “We're all elderly up in here,” he said, “Know what I'm saying? It's scary! In broad daylight, too.”

An article listed the top five reasons to drive a stick shift, citing things such as fuel economy, safer driving and saving money, but I think we now have a sixth reason – bamboozling potential car thieves.

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