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CARITA Paris found at last

CARITA Paris renews your face
Carol Stigger

On a press trip to Italy, I entered my hotel room in Venice expecting the usual gift basket of notebook, tote bag, candy, and wine. The basket was there along with a nice note from my tour hosts wishing me a good time in Italy. Like one can have a bad time in Italy? After I unpacked, I upended my gift basket like a kid with a Christmas stocking -- not expecting anything extraordinary, but….

CARITA Paris skin care products? PARIS in Venice? Don’t Italian women know how to take care of their faces? They all looked better than I did after an overnight flight. I had to try the products. Right then. Paris in Venice? Surreal as the wavy reflections of palazzos in the canal.

The products were sublime. By the end of the trip, all I had left were the jars, which I took home as mementoes. I was determined to find CARITA Paris products in Chicago. I may as well have been looking for Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Friends in New York and L.A. searched for me. My beauty salon said they looked, but they have their own products to promote. I gave up, but not really. Those empty CARITA jars on my vanity were a poignant reminder of the week my face felt like I loved it.

A year later, I went to France. CARITA Paris was at the top of my shopping list – the only item not checked off when I got home. CARITA Paris was not in any store in Paris that I could find. Most women hum a happy tune up and down the Champs-Elysées, but my mantra was CARITA. I may as well have been looking for Marie Antoinette with her head attached.

Finally, after I had been dusting my CARITA jars for several years, I was offered an opportunity to review these products. Also, my new best friend who sent the products included information about why they make my skin look younger.

CARITA Paris Youth Perfection Lotion is sprinkled with hydrating beads that remove all traces of makeup and maintain natural moisture levels. Its anti-aging ingredients fill in wrinkles and fine lines and promote natural detoxification. According to their literature, “the skin appears smoother and resurfaced.” Like highways, our faces need resurfaced after a few decades of living life to the fullest. Mine did – just like my mother said it would if I did not wear my sun bonnet.

I am also using their new Jeunesse Originelle day cream for its intense protection and immediate radiance. This product’s testing results show: after one month, 80% of women reported firmer and smoother skin, 91% reported softer skin, and 85% reported a noticeably more radiant complexion. (If you do not get these results, wear your sun bonnet for Pete’s sake. I am sure you can find one on e-Bay in the antiques section.)

If you want to treat yourself and do your face a favor, google “CARITA Paris” for on-line shopping options. Or, go to Paris. I'm sure CARITA is there somewhere.

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