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Caribbean dreams, Anguilla beaches

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With a population of less than 12,000 people, once you’ve arrived you can truly say you have landed in paradise. Thirty-three pristine beaches welcome you on this small island. With English being the island's official language, it certainly makes this vacation a breeze for all English speaking tourists. Stretches of sand, blue skies, swaying palms, and unlimited ocean views will allow the busiest executive to relax and turn the IPhone off.

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Anguilla, from the French word anguille (eel), was colonized by British settlers in 1650 and has been a British territory since that time. However, it has had its share of political tug-of-wars and was finally recognized as a separate British dependency in 1980. Most of the inhabitants are of African descent and there is a literacy rate of 95 percent.

The island, consisting of only 35 square miles, provides luxury hotels and offshore financial services, which provide the largest sector of the economy. Anguilla’s weather is among the sunniest in the world (benefits of a desert island) and ideal for snorkeling, swimming, boating, relaxing and certainly dining at the finest restaurants - offering culinary morsels.

Beaches vary from a 3-mile strand of light powdery sand (Shoal Bay East – top ranked in the world) to a more commercial beach (Sandy Beach – feel the hustle and bustle of night life) where people from around the world dock their boats when they visit. You can’t go wrong with so many beaches, eateries and fine hotels to choose from.

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