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Cargo ship sinks: Hong Kong accident has rescuers looking for survivors

Cargo ship sinks off the coast of Hong Kong.
Sengkang/Wikimedia Commons

A cargo ship sinks off the coast of Hong Kong, and now there is a search for survivors from the vessel. One member of the crew has been rescued, but there are 11 more members of the crew unaccounted for. This latest accident in Asian waters has rescuers once again hard at work to save people before it is too late. On May 5, The Wall Street Journal reported on this latest ocean accident.

When did this cargo ship sink? The Zhong Xing 2 sank after it collided with another vessel during the early morning hours on Monday in Hong Kong. The accident occured around 2:30 a.m. Hong Kong time. The lone member of the crew rescued so far was pulled from the water by the people on board a fishing boat in the area. The cargo ship was carrying cement to its destination.

The MOL Motivator was the other ship involved in the incident, and it received only minor damage. The crew of that ship even tried to help in the rescue efforts for the remaining crew missing from the cargo ship. The ship is owned by a Japan based company.

Search efforts are still on-going for the remaining crew members. The cargo ship contains a crew of 12, so that is why the search is for 11 more. The waters around Hong Kong are said to be one of the busiest for shipping in the area. It is not yet known what caused this accident.

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