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Cargo crossing from US to Canada is easier than ever

Canada's Niagara Falls from the American Side
Canada's Niagara Falls from the American Side
Copyright: fallesenphotography / 123RF Stock Photo

Even the process of going through customs is easier with online customs brokerage services, especially when it is cargo that is crossing the borders.

In years past, the process of passing from one country to another was a mystery. For those who went through customs frequently, there was that anticipation of what may or may not happen when crossing the border. Would there be a question of whether someone has a white dog, or a can of Raid bug spray, or simply a “why are you entering the country” (true stories)? What about the occasions when the border crossing officers were too busy in a conversation to bother and waived one through without checking. There are some cartoons shown on that are not too far off from reality in crossing the border.

Huffington Post carried an interesting story and accompanying video on the “no-touching zone” between the United States and Canada, also known as the Canada-U.S. Border. This adds a touch of history, reality, and even humor to the whole concept of the border and crossing it.

When it comes to the borders, it isn’t only the people, but also the parcels and cargo, whether it is a move into another country or a business shipping material, resources, etc. into the country.

Fortunately, with the convenience of the internet comes the convenience of getting those parcels, courier shipments, cargo shipments, and truck shipments from the United States to Canada with services like the Canadian customs broker. They help to make this process easier by allowing the web visitor to take care of all of the cargo’s border crossing needs before actually reaching the border.

There are many things that are needed, in transporting cargo internationally. Even Rolls-Royce is getting in on the action with their drone-type cargo ships. And, if that isn’t contemporary enough, there was a cargo ship launched into space, as reported by Mashable.

Without customs and the controls that customs places on the cargo coming into the country, there could be more catastrophes that happen during the process of transporting the cargo. One such incident, thought it was weather-related, happened this year with a Danish ship that was caught in a hurricane, as reported by CCN.

On a more routine level, there are things like the bill of lading, a declaration of value of goods, where it is going, where is coming from, and all those details that customs needs to get the job done and allow the cargo to enter, in this case, Canada.

Organizations like the online Canadian Customs site give the visitor the list and a walk-through process starting with the click of a button. In many ways, this allows a more relaxing process than the worrying that many companies and people had prior to the internet. Just another way that the internet is helping to make personal lives and the lives of businesses, easier.

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