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Carey Price made 31 saves to lead in victory over USA in Olympic hockey (photos)

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Carey Price won’t be a name that the American hockey fans will forget any time soon. The Canadian goalie had an epic night for the Canadians and led the team to victory with a 1-0 final score. The final buzzer offered a huge celebration in Canada as the Olympic hockey team will advance to the Olympic hockey gold medal round in Sochi. According to the New York Daily News on Friday the team was led by Canadian goalie Carey Prince to win.

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Carey Price had 31 saves and could have been described as a brick wall. The goalie didn’t let one puck pass by him the entire game, but the USA players definitely tried to score again and again. The denying of every shot seemed to escalate the speed of the game was fast paced and intense.

Canada's goalie Carey Price might join the ranks of one of the best goalies in the Olympics ever, but he isn't bragging yet. The Canadians have one more game to play before knowing they will be receiving the gold or silver medals. If the Olympic women hockey team win is any indication of how Canada is doing in the Olympics, expect to see the team pick up gold. It wouldn't be surprising if Canada grabs the gold at the podium in Sochi.