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Carey Mulligan is possibly engaged to Mumford and Sons singer Marcus Mumford

Swinging on/with stars
Swinging on/with stars
Daily Mail

Nothing says "I am super emotionally recovered from my highly public and often upsetting relationship with Shia LaBeouf" more than rushing into an engagement five months after you meet someone new, and this is allegedly Carey Mulligan's life path right now. Sources claim Marcus Mumford, who began dating Mulligan after spotting her at a concert in Nashville, proposed over the weekend at a hotel in Somerset, UK.

Now, if if was forty years ago, or we were on the brink of war, five months wouldn't seem too rushed, and in fact, many laymen get engaged at even earlier time periods, seemingly under the impression that life is short and if you overthink a situation, you will end up alone with your cats, like me. CURSE THEE, BRAIN AND LOGIC. However, when you're a star like Mulligan who spent several months apparently mourning her piss-poor relationship with the volatile LaBeouf in the Hollywood Best Western on Franklin, you might want to take a breather, enjoy being on the beach alone with a dog, something like that before marriage. Or not. Meh, whatever.I have to endorse this relationship based on the fact that Mumford and Mulligan is a fantastic name for a whimsical bookshop.

Also, I wish Carey Mulligan all the happiness in the world because she was in one of the best Tennant Doctor Who episodes, Blink.