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Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford keep low key look while news buzzes

The couple keep low profile as news of new projests pops
The couple keep low profile as news of new projests pops
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Actress Carey Mulligan and her folk musician husband, Marcus Mumford may rank high on the celebrity meter, and always make fodder for the waiting London paparazzi, but no one would know it to look at the two. Just night before last, the pair were enjoying an evening out in Soho, but in their typical fashion, no one would recognize them from any other strolling lovebirds were it not for the flash of hounding paparazzi.

Marcus carried a shopping bag from Waltrose, topped by an understated bouquet of fresh flowers, and wore the same jeans, denim shirt, and preferred silver belt buckle as he often does on stage. Carey went with the classic black trouser suit, adorned with a single broach.

The couple frequently disappears along the streets of whatever city they are in, hand-in-hand, preferring no entourage or special entrées into trendy venues. Their shared shun of the spotlight away from performing, along with similar common values of faith and family growing up, likely make such escapes easier.

The talk of future professional ventures is not so easy to elude. Reports are already dropping that a third album from Mumford and Sons is quietly under construction. The quartet reunited briefly for Glastonbury appearance with Haim after an extended hiatus, and Mumford has been at work with producer, friend, and mentor, T Bone Burnett on the collaborative effort to release Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes-period compositions.

The project was tentatively titled, "Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes" back in March, and set for a fall release. Only the coming months will tell, but that new old music would be a lovely precursor to a new release by the band next year.

Ms. Mulligan is mum at the moment on her future roles, after sharing her own musical talents on-screen and in the soundtrack for "Inside Llewyn Davis" last year. She is notorious for shying away from questions about her husband or their home life. That ability is likely a most valuable asset for a couple committed to keeping a quiet night out now and then.

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