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Caregivers Paradigm - Spring

Spring is here (on the calendar) and it has never felt better. We are able to look ahead to warmer weather and sunshine. Seeing flowers and new life is part of the renewal of our lives. Next month will be the festivities of spring with all the religious touchstones; and we will have the opportunity to put many things behind us and move forward.
Caregivers must being looking forward to the idea of moving ahead, as frankly for caregivers one day is much like the last. Let’s (each of us) see the whole picture of caregiving and make a commitment to spend more time, money and pride in giving back to our families and those in need of help. It is important to not only see and help with the issues facing caregivers; but also to foresee the future, as we as a population on only on the cusp of a paradigm shift toward who is in need and what to do to fulfill that need.
Numbers are overwhelming, need is paralyzing and we now know that while we have spent the last 75 years building a medical model to support our aging population, the support we will need is perhaps in a more mental health model than in a medical model. If as a person living in this country you are under the age of 55 and over the age of 30; get ready to have all the medical facts shaken and new rules applied.
Look at caregivers as the new front line of our aging population and know they will be the ones to keep our families and neighbors in good stead. Look at the numbers and the facts regarding Alzheimer’s disease how does this meet with our picture of old age. Take the time to look calculate and determine what will be our legacy.

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