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Caregiver Training University Launches Online Caregiver Training

Certified Caregiver Training
Certified Caregiver Training

Senior caregiving requires many skills and because of the wide range of requirements, formal caregiver training provides quality standards for caregivers to follow. Caregiver Training University (CTU) now offers an online caregiver training course to assist senior care companies and caregivers to become professionally trained in the basic caregiving skills.

Caregivers may obtain certification upon reading or listening to the course materials covering the 12 topics highlighting senior caregiving skills. Upon understanding the training course, a caregiver must pass the exam at 75% or better to become officially certified. The course meets industry standards for basic training and testing competency standards with 3 questions for each of the training sections.

  • Basic caregiver training includes the following:
  • Employee job responsibilities and limitations
  • Communication skills
  • Observation, reporting and documentation for care plans
  • Personal care tasks including bathing, skin care, hair care, nail care, dressing, toileting, transfers
  • Basic hygiene and infection control
  • Emergency procedures including natural disasters
  • Confidentiality of client persona, financial and health information (HIPPA)
  • Abuse and neglect recognition and reporting

Caregiver Training University delivers easy-access to training for senior caregivers who often provide care in a senior's home and work a wide variety of schedules. The digital training platform allows the caregiver to log-in and out as they continue through the course materials. The caregiver may progress along their own schedule availability.

Senior care companies may easily provide training to all of their caregivers through one platform and also prescreen caregiver job applicants by using the caregiver training. As senior caregiving companies look to hire caregivers who have basic caregiver skills, the CTU courses may also be purchased individually by caregivers.

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