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Caregiver Stress Syndrome

We all talk about Caregiver Stress and how bad it is for us. We don’t think about the little things which add up each day, along with way. There is a Caregiver Stress Syndrome, which is a valid medical condition. It is important that each person in the support network look carefully at the situation and think of ways to help out the caregiver, especially if this is a family member and/or elderly. There are many resources within each of the communities which can help with reducing stress. If there is a question, talk to the community hospital social workers, consult a Geriatric Case Manager, or make time for a quiet ‘stress less’ family meeting. No accusations, no he said/she said, rather what can we do to help; if one person feels they are doing everything, maybe they should take a break, while someone else steps in for a while. Please remember this is not just a thing which might happen chances are strongly headed in that direction anytime we take on caregiver roles. However, family members can work together too help each other.

Remember there is plenty of need for help and each of us will have a turn. But also remember that this is not necessarily what the ill or disabled person has wanted to happen. Most elderly will tell you firmly they never wanted to inconvenience their family. Each of us can help and the ways to help are infinite. Whether we take an overnight stay, go in for an afternoon, take the patient out to a ball game or just spend time talking; all of this is time the the caregiver will certainly appreciate.

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